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Fennema, Postma, van der Bij and van der Velde Family History


Welcome to my genealogy homepage. I have spent countless hours researching my Fennema and Postma Family Roots and I have posted them here, in hopes to share my information as well as finding more branches to the trees that I have created. I have had received lots of help along the way. Thank you to those who have shared their information with me.

My family originated in Friesland, Nederland, where much of my extended family still lives. My father's family is largely from Suameer or Sumar and my mother's family is largely from Buitenpost, both families have lived in their respective towns since the 1700's. As a result of my findings, I have formulated a few family trees. 

The name 'Fennema' means 'from the low lands', being the root 'fen'.

Main Entry: 1fen
Pronunciation: 'fen
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fenn; akin to Old High German fenna fen, Sanskrit panka mud
Date: before 12th century
: low land covered wholly or partly with water unless artificially drained

Merriam-Webster Online)


(January 7, 2007) - Happy New Year! My new years resolution is to get to peoples emails quicker and to send more time on the site developing and keeping up with updating all of the information people are generously giving. I hope eveyone has a wonderful year.

(March 14, 2006) - I'm back online. Thank you for all the help from people who have emailed me over the past year. I am slowly updating the databases with new and updated information.

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I have put together descendant trees for each of my great grandparents names, which include the Fennema, Postma, van der Bij, and van der Velde, Kooistra, Sytsma, van Dekken, and van der Heide Families as well I have trees for my ancestors and that of my parents.

More descendant trees have been added as the list of individuals have grown. There is now descendant trees for the Kloosterman, Veenstra, and Kamminga names as well as some descendant trees of the following individuals - Jan Freerks, Sjoerd Geerts, Alle Postma and Seeske Kamminga and Joost Roelofs and Gryt Wybes (Kamminga).

I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions you might have as well as any corrections or information you can add.

If you find some of your ancestors in these pages and would like the information for yourself, please e-mail me for more information, which I will be happy to share with you.

I have disabled my guestbook due to the high amounts of spam. This page is updated often so please come back.

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